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Hans J. Michael GmbH was founded in 1986 and has since established itself as a leading supplier of cleanroom articles.
Since then, we have been a specialist in cleanroom technology and supply customers with high-quality products for the cleanroom industry. Our extensive range includes cleanroom garments, cleanroom accessories, cleanroom consumables, and cleanroom equipment.

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Since our founding, we have earned an excellent reputation in the industry through our innovative strength, quality products, and excellent customer service. Our customers value our many years of experience and expertise in cleanroom technology, which enables us to offer individual solutions for their specific requirements.

We attach great importance to the highest quality standards. Our products are certified according to international standards and meet the strict requirements for cleanliness and hygiene in cleanroom environments. Our cleanroom clothing, such as coveralls, gowns, hoods, and protective goggles, offers the best protection against contamination and ensures optimal working conditions in cleanrooms.

In addition, from stock, we offer a wide range of cleanroom accessories and consumables, such as cleanroom gloves, cleanroom wipes, cleanroom paper, and cleanroom cleaners, to meet our customers' requirements.
Our diverse customers come from various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, electronics, semiconductors, and food. We are proud to work with renowned companies and help them to make their production processes in cleanrooms more efficient and safer.

Hans J. Michael GmbH is a reliable partner for all customers who rely on the highest quality, the fastest, and most individual delivery service, reliability, and expertise in cleanroom technology.

Our dedicated team of experts is here to provide you with comprehensive know-how and excellent customer service to offer you the best solutions for your cleanroom requirements.
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